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Thanks Permits and Visas for all the assistance at every step.

I want to thank Permits and Visas for all the assistance at every step by Permits and Visas. I am really happy with the services provided by Permits and Visas.I would like to thank each and every member of Permits and Visas for the excellent services which has helped me at various steps during the whole process. I am confident the same support and services shall continue to every client of Permits and Visas.Thanks Again !

My experience was very good with Sync Visas.

Thanks a million to Sync Visas. They provided me wonderful support throughout the process. I certainly could not have done it on my own. The support and assistance provided by Sync Visas made the entire process a piece of cake. I would definitely recommend your highly professional service to anyone seeking visa assistance.

Services Review feedback for Sync Visas immigration Consultant Dubai

Without the Sync Visas help, I would never have been able to stay in the New Zealand. I booked an appointment over the phone and received a confirmation email of the appointment and the details of my specialist Immigration Solicitor within a couple of hours. Thank you Sync Visas

Thank you so much Sync Visas Company

Sync Visas is indeed a leading Immigration Company. They have the best employees who are focused to handle all the client related problems. They make the tedious migration process as simple as it could ever be. Thank you, Sync Visas.

Excellent Service by Sync Visas Dubai

When comes to immigration service, no one other is better than Sync Visas. They can make your dream come true. Yes I truly admire your in-depth knowledge, approach and ideas. Thanks for the excellent Service by Sync Visas. I will recommend this course to all of my friends.

Thank you Permits and Visas for the assistance and guidance

Thank you Permits and Visas ! It was a long and a bit complicated process but we get through it, through your professional help! I was just dreaming of moving to New Zealand few months back, now it became a reality through your friendly and supportive team in Dubai! Never would have made it without your help! I am recommending you to all my friends and family!

Premiers Intl Dubai - Don't think they are a legit compan

The service I got from this company was initially good. For a month or 2 they update me with the application. right after I paid all fees, that's the time I didn't hear anything from them. I am still trying to contact them to this date, but still, they ignore. I don't think they are a legit company. Get rid of this company.

Cannot thank you enough to Sync Visas

Job well done Sync Visas team in Dubai. Ms. Lauren and her team as well as the case manager were all very patient, professional and supportive of my application for New Zealand residence visa. At some point I was thinking of giving up because of the long wait, the requirements and all. Good thing, your staff were very dedicated in making this application a successful one! I got the visa and I cannot thank you enough.

Dont go with Stratix Immigration Consultant

At first, the staff were all accommodating and friendly. Right after I paid the payment for my application, they all ignore me whenever I ask for updates. I should've not trusted them with my money!

Awesome experience with Visa and Work Permits

I am working as a Site Engineer in Dubai and decided to migrate to Canada. I have no idea of when, how and where to start the process. I am thankful to find out about Visas and Work Permits in Dubai. I contacted them and I was immediately been assessed (free) of my qualification. After the assessment, based on my chances, I decided to give it a go and I am thankful I trusted you guys! You were all so supportive and professional in assisting me in my application. Got the residency visa just like that. After less than a year. in behalf of my me and my family, thank you.

Global Visa Completely fraud

I applied for New Zealand residency 2 years ago and up to this moment, I haven't got any update about my application. Been calling them literally every month. They would give me different excuses and I couldn't talk to any manager in this company.

Thank you Permits and Visas

Permits and Visas did an amazing job with our Canada residency application. Me and my wife decided to migrate to Canada and start a new life there. I am a civil engineer and she is a nurse. After the visa assessment, they provided us with the detailed explanation of the process and which program we are qualified to apply. The consultant and the manager were very knowledgeable and professional. We were guided well and we followed everything that is needed to be prepared and taken. As a result, in 8 months, finally, we got the residency. Thank you!

Thank you so much Sync Visas

Thank you Sync Visas for properly assisting me in my Canadian PR visa application from Dubai. You staff were all friendly and professional. Without your guidance I will not be able to obtain the visa and migrate to Canada. You guys are amazing! I recommended you already to my friends and family!

Cancelled my Canada PR application with superiorvisas

I cancelled my Canada PR application with superiorvisas within 24hr of applying after reading negative reviews about them. I requested for refund before they had processed my case. When i called them I was told that if client doesnít want to continue with the process we cannot refund. After much of hassle they finally agreed to refund 50%. They are fraud donít trust them.

Never to use AB immigrations

I hired ab immigrations to do my Australian spouse visas. Things were good in the beginning before i made the payment but then my emails & phone calls were ignored things got so bad that i had to look for another visa company. Iím still battling it out to get refund. Never to use ab immigrations.

Job is only to forward Cvs dont go with rayvisas

I took consultancy service from rayvisas for jobs in canada. I was told that my profile is excellent & i would get job immediately. I did not receive single call, when I contacted them after 2 months they replied my Cv has been sent to employers & if shortlisted they would contact me. Their job is only to forward Cvs. Donít give you hard earn money to them, they do nothing.

very bad experience with Cyanvisas

I had very bad experience with Cyanvisas. They are not bothered to respond to my complaints. Every time I call them they pass me from one useless consultant to another. This is the worst visa company.

Don't waste your time and money with AP Visas

Please guys don't waste your time and money with AP Visas they are fraud. I paid them AED8000, after 15 months they have done nothing with my application. When i requested for refund they denied saying refund is only processed if visa is refused due to their fault. My visa application is still under process so they wonít refund my money. They are cheaters donít trust them.

So far everything good with Magenta Visas

I have filed my canada PR through Magenta Visas. So far everything is in order. I have received good service from them & hope to get my PR soon.

In Result got stress and frustration from LineVisa

Long long long wait and no result!!! That is all you get from linevisas in return for your trust in their services. I paid them my hard earned money and in return I got stress and frustration. They promised me a PR approval in 5 years but instead they made me wait for 10 years with no PR approval. They are a scam as they kept all my hardened earn money.

Best Services by Permits and Visas for Australian visa

I approached permitsandvisas to help me in application process for Australian visa. They gave me all the correct information & made the application process much easier. I was granted visa within 8 months of applying & will be travelling to Australia soon.

CB visas - Waste of time & money

If you are looking for immigration consultancy please we aware of CB visas. They are just waste of time & money. They are not at all professional & make you run around circles from 1 consultant to another.

Cheated by AP Visas for Australian visa application

I have been cheated by AP Visas I registered with them 2 years ago for Australian visa application . I was told it would take 1 year but nothing has happened. They keep on changing my consultant who never gives me a satisfactory answer. They took my money & are playing with my career & emotions. AP Visas is a scam & should be closed down.

My experience with linevisas has been pathetic.

My experience with linevisas has been pathetic. They are just a scam company who is trying to steal money from people by luring them into their immigration trap. They did not get my PR work done as promised by them and even did not refund me in full my money that I paid them even after 10 years.

find a job in germany Excellent service by CB visas

I took consultancy service from CB visas to find a job in germany. I was interview many times & was finally selected. They helped me to find a job in germany. Excellent service.

Im sure my biggest fault investing my time in linevisas

It was my biggest fault investing my time in linevisas. Trusting them with my money was an absolutely wrong choice. They cheated me and wasted my time. Linevisas made false promises to me and then scammed me by not getting my PR work done. Linevisas scam is a menace for innocent people and this organization has fooled people by their fake procedures. Linevisas is nothing but a vicious and dangerous trap which is set up, to scam people and make a fool out of them. I would like to request or rather warn other people to not go to linevisas for any immigration work

be aware of CM Visas immigration services

If you are planning to move abroad please be aware of CM Visas. Its a fake consultancy. All this do is take your money & do nothing. They talk what you want to hear & not the truth. They convince you that you are eligible to apply just to take money from you even when you are not.

Very happy with the service provided by permitsandvisas.

I contacted permitsandvisas to help me getting a job in Canada. I\ím receiving interview calls regularly & hopefully will get a good job soon. Very happy with the service provided by permitsandvisas.

Cyanvisas cheated me for 4000AED

Cyanvisas cheated me for 4000AED by promising that they would arrange calls for Canada jobs. I have not received single call. All they do is keep sending me links which you can easily find on search engines. Dont trust them. They just take your money.

Worst immigration services by Cynvisas

Its been more than a year i have paid Cyanvisas to get Australia PR so far all i have got is disappointment. Initially they called me everyday to get money out of me and now they donít answer my call or reply to my email. If someone answers my call all i hear is that he/she is not aware about my case & i would receive a call back which never happens. Disgusting service.

Never ever go to linevisas for any kind of VISA immigration

Never ever go to linevisas for any kind of immigration or PR related services. They will make you wait for a long time and then just leave you without any productive output. They waste a lot of time and investing in their services in a big mistake. They scammed me too and did not even refund my money.

PermitsandVisas offers good professional service

I was looking for immigration specialist to assist me in acquiring Canadian visa. PermitsandVisas offers good professional service. I can say that I made an excellent choice, consultant at PermitsandVisas took us through every step of the process making a stressful process relatively easy. Iíd recommend PermitsandVisas all day long.

job service from linevisas is a complete fraud

Overseas job service from linevisas is a complete fraud. You will be promised a lot in the start to get you enrolled somehow. You will be shown dreams of getting multiple job offers through this service while the truth is that you wonít get a single positive response using this service. The staff at linevisas is most insensitive and full of cheaters. They simply want to take your money somehow. Donít fall in their trap.

Permits and Visas Excellent and best migration organisation

I'm so grateful to the staff at permitsandvisas for handling my visa application in such a professional way. I appreciate the patience that staff at permitsandvisas had with my difficult case. They're service was excellent and couldn't recommend a better migration organisation.

Very bad experiance with Line Visas

Linevisas is fraudulent trap. Do not fall prey to their scam. They have useless work procedures that would not be helpful in any way to you. They promised me PR approval but did not get the work done. Today I stand shattered and frustrated with no option but to curse myself for trusting in linevisas.