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Best Services by Permits and Visas for an Australian visa
I approached permits and visas to help me in the application process for an Australian visa. They gave me all the correct information & made the application process much easier. I was granted visa within 8 months of applying & will be traveling to Australia soon.

Sophia Dattu Permits and Visas 2 likes February 12, 2018

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Thanks, Permits and Visas for all the assistance at every step.
I want to thank Permits and Visas for all the assistance at every step by Permits and Visas. I am really happy with the services provided by Permits and Visas. I would like to thank each and every member of Permits and Visas for the excellent services which has helped me at various steps during the whole process. I am confident the same support and services shall continue to every client of Permits and Visas. Thanks Again!

Neil Parekh Permits and Visas 2 likes July 3, 2016

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My experience was very good with Sync Visas.
Thanks a million to Sync Visas. They provided me wonderful support throughout the process. I certainly could not have done it on my own. The support and assistance provided by Sync Visas made the entire process a piece of cake. I would definitely recommend your highly professional service to anyone seeking visa assistance.

Cheril Devindra Sync Visas 0 likes February 27, 2017

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Awesome experience with Visa and Work Permits
I am working as a Site Engineer in Dubai and decided to migrate to Canada. I have no idea of when, how and where to start the process. I am thankful to find out about Visas and Work Permits in Dubai. I contacted them and I was immediately been assessed (free) of my qualification. After the assessment, based on my chances, I decided to give it a go and I am thankful I trusted you guys! You were all so supportive and professional in assisting me in my application. Got the residency visa just like that. After less than a year. in behalf of my me and my family, thank you.

Altaf Saiyed Visa and Work permits 3 likes October 5, 2018

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Premiers Intl Dubai - Don't think they are a legit company
The service I got from this company was initially good. For a month or 2, they update me with the application. right after I paid all fees, that's the time I didn't hear anything from them. I am still trying to contact them to this date, but still, they ignore. I don't think they are a legit company. Get rid of this company.

Zeeshan Ali Premiers Intl 1 like April 2, 2016

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Cannot thank you enough to Sync Visas
Ms. Lauren and her team, as well as the case manager, were all very patient, professional and supportive of my application for New Zealand residence visa. At some point, I was thinking of giving up because of the long wait, the requirements and all. Good thing, your staff were very dedicated to making this application a successful one! I got the visa and I cannot thank you enough.

Jemmy Sync Visas 3 likes August 12, 2017

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Don't go with Stratix Immigration Consultant
At first, the staff were all accommodating and friendly. Right after I paid the payment for my application, they all ignore me whenever I ask for updates. I should've not trusted them with my money!

Briana Stratix Immigration Consultant 2 likes July 11, 2016

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Thank you Permits and Visas
Permits and Visas did an amazing job with our Canada residency application. Me and my wife decided to migrate to Canada and start a new life there. I am a civil engineer and she is a nurse. After the visa assessment, they provided us with the detailed explanation of the process and which program we are qualified to apply. The consultant and the manager were very knowledgeable and professional. We were guided well and we followed everything that is needed to be prepared and taken. As a result, in 8 months, finally, we got the residency. Thank you!

Suhail Zarwani Permits and Visas 5 likes December 23, 2017

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Never to use Line Visas
I hired ab immigrations to do my Australian spouse visas. Things were good in the beginning before I made the payment but then my emails & phone calls were ignored things got so bad that I had to look for another visa company. I am still battling it out to get a refund. Never to use ab immigrations.

Jenny Reva Line Visa 0 likes October 12, 2016